Of Man and Machine has been a dominant influence in the Colorado metal scene since their inception in 2008. Presenting a sound infused with progressive metal, death metal, hardcore, alternative and electronica elements; Of Man and Machine is continuously motivated to evolve their sound and bring a professional show to the masses. The debut release from the group in 2014 titled “Emergence”, was a strong representation exhibiting their initiative to push technical boundaries as well as illustrate the groups focus on creating something new for the prominent and deserving Colorado metal scene. From the original members: Harde Eddison (drums), Jake Stern (guitar) and Andrew Gleich (vocals), Of Man and Machine has since significantly evolved to now include Daryl Martin (guitar) and Michael Mitchell (vocals). Over the last 11 years, Of Man and Machine has played throughout the Colorado area, has been support for several National Acts, has had radio play and has helped elevate the local music scene by creating the annual Progressive and Aggressive showcase. Presenting the next evolution of group, their new 2019 release “The Void Architect” will again, and more than ever exemplify the groups focus and drive to create original heavy, dynamic well written material. The Void Architect release proudly incorporates the best the group has to offer by featuring melodic and aggressive vocals backed by its signature dynamic and brutal line of rhythm and guitar progressions. Of Man and Machine will be working on new material and promoting The Void Architect in 2019.

Be ready for more!

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